Jul 19 2017

Apartment Living with Mans' Best Friend


Living with your buddy, your pal, your very best friend in the world; could there be anything better? We'd like to agree but sometimes it's not always what's best for you, us, or them. 


Before making a decision to live in an apartment with any sort of pet it's important to ensure that the landlord approves of them. There would be nothing worse than having to choose between an apartment you love and your furry friend. Some apartments have pet restrictions, meaning maybe only small dogs, or older cats would be acceptable, not your high energy puppy. Check your lease agreement, it likely states your landlords view on pets! 


If you're lucky enough to have a landlord that accpets your pet, remember that's only half the battle. Don't forget about your neighbours. You likely have some that work shift work, or have children, some that maybe aren't fond of animals; so be mindful of their boundries. Keep your pet quiet indoors, exercise them regularilly so they aren't zipping around the house while people are trying to sleep, wait for the next elevator if  you're with your pet, and be sure to clean up after your pet so everyone can enjoy any greenspaces around the building. 


Be respectful and courteous and we're sure everyone will enjoy your pet being around as much as you do. 



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