Jan 16 2015

Why Buy when you can Rent!


Why throw away your money with rent when you can buy! Time to buy is now! These phrases have a tendency to be pushed around, especially as people age, to persuade individuals into thinking that owning is better than renting a property. The truth is there are many benefits to renting a property.

Take a look as these key points before hiring a realtor.

  1. Lower Operating Costs – With owning your own property comes additional costs.
    • Insurance – Renter’s insurance is much lower than homeowner’s insurance rates. The reason for this is renter’s insurance only covers the personal belongings of the renter within the property and homeowner’s insurance covers the home and the belongings within the home.
    • Maintenance – Rental properties include interior and exterior maintenance in the rent. If the fridge breaks the rental company is responsible for fixing the fridge and the rental company is also usually responsible for landscaping and snow removal. When owning a home the owner is responsible for this upkeep.
    • Unexpected Expenses – Homeowners should have a reserve set aside for unexpected expenses such as if a pipe bursts or the furnace stops operating. These costs can become quite expensive and if money has not been set aside these expenses can add a financial burden to the homeowner.
  2. Flexibility – Rental properties require a tenant to commit to a property for the duration of the lease signed. Once the lease term has completed there is the option to resign the lease or move to another location. There is no need to worry about long term commitments and there are no complications or pressures to sell a property before a move.
  3. Lower Risk – If a person renting a property has been laid off or becomes injured or sick there is the option to move into a property with a lower rent or move to a new location where there are jobs. With owning, there is the added pressure of paying for the mortgage or possibly losing money if selling the property is the only option.
  4. No Property Taxes and/or Condo Fees – In some areas property taxes and condo fees can be equivalent to the cost of renting another property on top of the mortgage. When renting a private residence the property taxes and/or condo fees will be included in the rent, with no additional cost to the tenant.




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