Nov 21 2017

Holiday Decorating Tips


It seems winter has come early to the queen city, which means we can start talking Christmas! 


We know it can be hard to find the space, or the ability to decorate the way you want in an apartment; so we've scoured the internet looking for the best tips and tricks that won't get you in trouble with the landlord but still let that holiday spirit shine. 


One easy way to bring the holidays to your small space is to decorate what you have. Rather than bringing in a bunch of figurines, trinkets and ornaments; take the advice of Holidappy and decorate the things already in your space. 


Apartment Therapy did some out of the box thinking for holiday decor based on the Ikea Catalog, finding 10 unique ideas for holiday decor. They've even got great ideas for diy advent calendars for those brave enough to tackle a holiday project. 


Whatever the decorating idea, or how tight that holiday time crunch may be, we hope everyone enjoys their holiday season. 



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